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2Wear Apparel is a mainstream outdoor gear and accessory line of goods started by an avid sportsman and entrepreneur that saw a market being overlooked. Being young at heart, Rob Palowitz, company owner, wanted to focus on providing a youthful cutting edge to outdoor and sport related products. “We want to create apparel that can be worn hunting, fishing, to the camp, romping around or out with your family. We want it to be versatile to the fanatics, but cool to the fashion conscious individuals alike.”

Just because we’re sportsmen, doesn’t mean we have to look like we just stepped out of the woods! Check out some of the latest 2Wear Apparel designs on our website.

On some of our “lifestyle” products, the concept of the "2" on our products is unique compared to other apparel companies. It represents an activity or movement that supports a particular action. Most of us probably know that pretty much all outdoor activities and sporting events are about movement. So when we say "2 Do Something", we mean get off of your duff and enjoy life! Enjoy our products! We appreciate the support.

Get out there!
Team 2Wear



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